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Burn The Machine

hosted by Subdivision Subland

Subland Club

Start: Friday, 04 Nov 2011 07:00

End: Sunday, 06 Nov 2011 10:00

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    Subdivision Media & Subland Present 


    Burn The Machine is not just another club event on the Berlin Electronica calendar, We have adopted the dates 4 & 5 of November with specific reason. Within English tradition since 1605 these nights are commemorated with fireworks, Music & the burning of a man called “Guy Fawkes ”. The 5th being the night that the effigy of Guy Fawkes is paraded through theTowns & City Streets of England, were eventually the Guy will be placed on a bonfire and burnt to a cinder. 

    Taking in mind that this english event has no relevance to German culture or the electronic music scene in Berlin we have put a slight twist on the tradition to say the least, Replacing the Guy Fawkes effigy with a more fitting subject to the music and culture that we support - A Robot ! hence the event name “The Burning Of The Machine”

    With the fire in place we will celebrate our love for all things Machine based with two days of Music, Art, Film and Visual performance, with a line that is second to none, Integrating and promoting German Djs, Live Acts & Visual artists with recognised and well established international performers key to the philosophy of both Subdivision and Subland ....

    “For The People For The City For The Sound” 

    Friday November 4th 2011 

    Doors Open @ 7 

    StarWars Episode 1-2-3 

    Dubstep – Subtrakt Area 

    Current Value – Subtrakt – Adnoiseam 

    Sinister Souls – Subtrakt – Adnoiseam 

    Hecq – Adnoiseam -Hymen 

    Mobthrow – Ad-Noiseam,Spectraliquid 

    Nick Chevreux – Adnoiseam – Subland 

    Species - Shadow Dub – Subland 

    E-dna – Subland 

    Dnb – Subland Area


    FEINDSOUL – break!sm – Subland 

    FallOutboy - AudioMassive – Subland 

    Unskilled Kingz (Ratrex + Einklang) - Kuchen Piloten - Subland

    Soak – Subland 

    Saturday November 5th 2011

    Doors Open @ 7 

    StarWars Episodes – 4,5,6 

    The Burning Of The Machine 00.00 To The Sounds Of Glitched Machines Performed by Schall la tour style noise

    Dnb - Subsistenz Area

    Room Hosted By Coppa – Subdivision – Subland 

    The Sect – Album Launch Set – Fractured State – Subsistenz – Subland 

    The Panacea – Subsistenz – Position Chrome – Subland

    Teknoist – Planet Mu - Adnoiseam

    Dean Rodell – Subsistenz – Prspct – Subland

    Species – ShadowForces - Subland

    Kid Atari – Subland 

    Vali - Nme-Click

    Techno - Unknown Forces Area 

    Aksel.Lent B2B Tareth (Sziget Festival,Minimal Daneben)

    Rory St John – UF - Subland

    Dean Rodell – UF – Planet Rhythem – Pounding Grooves - Subland

    Patrick Dsp – UF - Subland

    Smash The System – UF – Subland 

    The 030 – Subland 

    Visuals By – Fall Out Boy 

    Deko: Musact (France) 

    15 Euro For Both Nights Or 10 Euro On The Door (Each Night)
    (All entry includes StarWas Viewing)

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    Wiesenweg 5 10365 Berlin Germany
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Event organizer: Subdivision Subland
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