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EU-Startups Conference

hosted by EU-Startups.com / Menlo Media UG


Start: Friday, 07 Nov 2014 14:00

End: Friday, 07 Nov 2014 19:30

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  • Short Intro

    EU-Startups logoThe EU-Startups Conference, which will be held in English, will be the perfect event for startups that are aiming to enter international markets. We will have fireside chats with 2-3 internationally successful founders out of the Internet space, networking opportunities and a pitch competition of about 8 startup teams. The event is going to take place at the WERK1 in Munich. Up to 120 attendees are expected. 

    An overview with more info about the event can be found here.

    An overview with more info about the EU-Startups Conference can be found here:
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  • Directions

    Event venue address

    Grafinger Stra├če 6 81671 Munich Germany
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Event organizer: EU-Startups.com / Menlo Media UG
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